A Common Sense, Global Project for Alleviating the Suffering of Syrians

In Anyway Bills

No need to ask for donations. With Bills for Syrians Relief, your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues don't change their buying habits. 

Simply they redirect their expenses on monthly bills for the home essential services they are paying in anyway.


Ongoing Fundraising

Without the need to pay out-of-pocket money or change in our buying habits, we receive monthly income from which we pledge to give those who are in need in Syria. It is a WIN-WIN-WIN ongoing fundraising by leveraging our ongoing monthly expenses on services we can't live without.


 We don't accept money on this site and we don't knock doors

No need to go door to door. We, as consumers, need, use and are  paying for  these services in anyway. With Bills for Syrians Relief, we help you generate massive monthly income a part of which  you can contribute to Syrians to help them restore their normal life.

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